Hey I'm Evan. 19, I'm kinda in love with Channing Tatum and Zac Efron. By kinda i mean extremely incredibly without a doubt. I love T Swift and Demi. If you need help or advice, I'm here for you. Seriously I want to help you.

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He cold as hell for this.


remember way back in 2006 when the wii first came out and then the entirety of the world forgot how to hold onto something with a firm grasp so much that nintendo had to make a shock absorbing condom just so that tvs wouldnt get destroyed when people would end up sending this thing flying at their tvs at 900 miles per hour

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Um that is not what I thought personality meant


iĀ believeĀ in hate at first sight

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listening to a good song but it was in a shrek film so the entire time ur like


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